Signs of an Unfaithful Wife

Signs of an Unfaithful Wife

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How to Know If Your Wife Has Cheated

Cheating may in fact be one of those things better relegated to the phrase “… different strokes for different people” because for some, cheating is a deal breaker, but for some others, it is just one more thing to “roll with”. Regardless, any man worth his salt is at least a teensy bit possessive and not overly eager to share his wife with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

There are a whole lot of clues a woman will drop like bread crumbs when she starts stepping out on you and it is really up to you to be observant in order to pick up on them because let’s face it, rarely will she walk up to you and bluntly tell you that she is cheating unless of course she despises you more than you will ever know. Some of those bread crumbs include:

  1. She talks less.

Every woman is at some level, a chatter-box. It’s just the way we are wired. Even the most quiet of women, will generally tell the man she loves everything about her day from how she dissed that pompous co-worker to how she was cut off in traffic by one rude driver to how she chipped her nail while making dinner. A woman in love involves you so graphically in her day that you can actually picture it without being there. So fellas, when she suddenly stops talking about her day, you need to be worried because chances are, she has found someone else, perhaps more willing to listen than you are. Note: if you have always been in the habit of rebuffing her when whenever she tries to talk to you, her newfound reticence may be a direct result of your constant snubs. But even where this is the case, you should be worried because even if she is not cheating already, she is fast falling out of love. Continue reading “Signs of an Unfaithful Wife”

Are all Men unfaithful

Are all Men unfaithful


“Men are all the same. Stop looking for Prince Charming, Dreamer!”

“We just can’t commit to one person! I Loooove Women!”

“I can’t help it! Women want me!”

“I almost went with this co-worker of mine years ago, and I feel some kind of regret today that I haven’t done it…”

“I have an active sex life with my girlfriend. I look around because of the thrill of the chase!” Continue reading “Are all Men unfaithful”